From the Romans to the present days

Tourist attractions, churches and museums full of charm and stories, to be discovered visiting Osimo

Here below we recommend a visit itinerary in Osimo, including the unmissable and most characteristic places. It will be a pleasant and exciting walk that will make you retrace the history of Osimo, from the Romans to the present days!

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the caves
For those who want to live an exciting experience, Osimo offers an underground city which has to be discovered slowly, a precious treasure that is guardian of religious and esoteric low reliefs. Holy places which for thousands of years have been the setting for wonderful stories. It will be an experience you will not forget!

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Osimo’s caves

They used to have different functions. From hydraulic tunnels utilized for tanks and wells, to hiding places and escape ways that were necessary for the people protection in dangerous situations; from worship locations, whose evidences are the peculiar circular rooms and the low reliefs with religious themes, to real underground homes. The mysterious aura that permeates them, makes one presume that these caves, in certain periods, have been a theatre for magic and esoteric rituals. In fact, inside them it is possible to find some symbols that can be connected to the Templar order, as Osimo was an important establishment for them, and to other gatherings, which confirms their utilization also from different heretical groups.

40/45 min per cave

5€ full price
€ 6/12 years old children, >65, FAI,Touring Club Italiano members
77€ combined ticket (2 caves)
free ≤6 years old children
€10 combined ticket with Camerano caves

tempererature: 12-13°C
it is adviced to wear confortable shoes and a sweatshirt/jacket
booking is recommended

  • Cantinone Caves
    They spread underneath the covered Market and the San Giuseppe da Copertino Sanctuary for around 300 m.
    Guided tours every day from Tuesday to Sunday:
    16:15-17:15 | 18:15

  • Piazza Dante Caves
    Descending into the cellars of Palazzo Fregonara-Gallo, it is possible to enter into an incredible underground world.
    Guided tours to be booked in advance:
    Saturday 11:15-12:15 | 17:00-18:00
    Sunday 11:15-12:15.
    Upon request from Tuesday to Friday

  • Simonetti Caves
    They spread underneath Palazzo Hercolani Fava Simonetti and represent something which is unique in their kind.
    Guided tours in the occasion of particular events or upon request (a few days in advance) for groups of at least 15 people.


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Inside Osimo’s Palazzo Comunale 12 roman statues will welcome you, all headless, which is the reason why Osimo’s citizen have got the nickname of “Whitout Head”. They are probably unfinished, some theories tell that the heads have been chopped off by the General Giangiacomo Trivulzio, who in 1487 expelled the dictator Boccolino da Guzzone from the town.


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archeological museum and civic museum
They expand inside the Campana’s Palace and collect art works from Civica Raccolta d’Arte, from the city’s public palaces and disused churches, which are proofs of the familiarity Piceni, Gauls and Romans had with all the Osimo’s territory.


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the wells
Surrounded by the green of moss and small ferns, there is the old Fonte Magna, a Roman “ninfeo” dated I century B.C. It is narrated that Pompeo Magno made his horses drink here during a quick stop he made in the city, in order to recruit soldiers to be used against Cesar during the civil wars.


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roman walls and city doors
At the Roman times Osimo’s city walls were 2 km long. Today it only remains a section of around 200mt and 3 access doors to the city: Porta Musone, in the south of the old city walls, Porta San Giacomo, on the north part of the walls and Porta Vaccaro, on the east side, where is located the city’s emblem.


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Cathedral of St. San Leopardo
The city’s Cathedral, a majestic building made of white stone, was built in the XIIth century, and guards into its crypt the remains of St. Leopardo, first bishop of the city, and the tombs of the other Osimo’s bishops Benvenuto, Vitaliano, Vittore, Corona and Filippo.

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St. Giuseppe da Copertino
The Sanctuary of St. Giuseppe da Copertino attracts every year many people who want to come closer to the figure of this extraordinary Saint, guardian of students and aviators. Inside the Museum are collected some objects that belonged to him: dresses and holy vestments, liturgical furniture and scroll documents.


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Sanctuary of Campocavallo
At 2,5 km from Osimo’s city centre, in Campocavallo, there is the beautiful Sanctuary of Beata Vergine Addolorata, which had been built in neo-gothic style between years 800 and 900, after the miracle of the holy image of “Nostra Signora dei Sette Dolori”. The 16th June 1892, during the Mass, this image had been seen weeping and moving the eyes.

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La Nuova Fenice Theatre
One of the most beautiful historical theatres in the Marche region, it has been built in neoclassical style above the ruins of a previous theatre. In September 1894, “La Nuova Fenice” was launched with Bizet’s Carmen. The interior has an horse shoe shape, has decorations from the 19th century and develops on three orders of dais and balcony, and can contain 444 spectators.

History, art and faith

If you are visiting Osimo and you are passionate about art and culture, we recommend a city itinerary of one day, in order to visit Churches, Museums and historical places that can’t be missed. Enjoy it!

Enjoy it!

  • Osimo's Caves
    - cantinone caves
    - Piazza Dante caves
    - Simonetti caves
  • Lapidarium
  • Civic museum and Archeological museum
  • the Wells
  • Roman walls and city's doors
  • Cathedral of St. Leopardo
  • Sanctuary and Museum of St. Giuseppe da Copertino
  • Sanctuary of Campocavallo
  • Theatre La Nuova Fenice

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