The appeal of nature

Mysterious and fascinating caves and natural parks surrounded by the green

The area around Osimo is the perfect destination for those who are willing to discover the appeal of nature! At just a few kilometres from Osimo you can find natural oasis and parks with both natural and artificial caves which will tell you centuries of history.

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camerano - caves
The town’s underground is full of several tunnels which have been digged in the standstone, are interconnected and have a labyrinth like development. It was once supposed that they were the remains of old sandstone caves or even places to store the wine. However, the explorations have revealed the presence in almost every cave of architectural embellishments, low-reliefs and decorative details that are in contrast with simple storage spaces: the whole itinerary is full of dome, barrel and ribbed vaults, circular rooms, columns of special architectural taste, decorations with embellishments and religious symbols. Today the most reasonable theory is that the caves used to have a housing, ritual and defensive use.


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Frasassi's caves
A visit in the Frasassi’s Caves is one of the most fascinating and amazing underground itineraries in the world, with its tourist route which is fully equipped and easily accessible, it lasts around 70 minutes and is extended for 1,5 km. Visitors are led by professional guides, and can experience the emotion of being in a world which is turned upside down, hidden and beautiful, made of evocative places rich of limestone formations, where the silence is broken only by the sound of water droppings, which makes the complex alive and in continuous development. The caves are open to the public all year round.


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It is a safeguarded area which protects the Sibillini Mountains and is extended between the regions of Marche and Umbria. In the realm of the mythical Sybil, throughout trekking paths that like a net cross mountains and valleys, it is possible to discover a very evocative natural and historical-cultural environment: wolves, golden eagles and peregrine falcons, abbeys and medieval villages full of charm and history.


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The village of “Abbadia di Fiastra” binds its name to the “Abbazia di Chiaravalle di Fiastra”, one of the best kept Cistercian Abbeys in Italy. In this place the Benedictine’s ideal of work and pray, in addition to have created an architecture of rare beauty, has been able to deeply modify the history of the surrounding area, enriching it with precious and interesting evidences.


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Wood of Gallignano
It is a very important biotope both for the Marche’s territory and for the whole Italian Adriatic coast, and also a rare evidence of the ancient forests landscape. It is possible to walk in the wood through two didactic paths, disseminated with posters which describe the major features of these forest ecosystems, including also the podiatric aspects and activities on insects and plants.


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Wood of Castelfidardo
It is located in “Monte Oro” place, and it represents a site which is unique in its kind: from one side the prehistoric Wood of Castelfidardo, to the other side the area where the Castelfidardo Battle of 18/09/1860 took place, and additionally its own agricultural lands with organic running. It is also a protected floristic area, and a site of natural interest within the Bio-Italy project, which has been classified as “Marche natural beauty” and included in the catalogue of regional botanical emergencies.


Caves, parks and nature reserves

If you are visiting Osimo and you are nature and green lovers, we recommend you some places you must visit.

Enjoy it!

  • Camerano's caves
  • Frasassi's caves
  • Wood o Gallignano
  • Wood of Castelfidardo

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