Art, culture and faith

Beautiful towns full of art and culture where historically important people were born

For those who don’t want just a simple museum visit, but are willing to start discovering the several artistic and cultural treasures which are in Osimo’s surrounding area, we suggest some unmissable stops.

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loreto - Church of the Holy House
Loreto owns Italy’s biggest Sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which is the reason why it has always been a touristic destination and a place of pilgrimage, famous all over the world. Inside the Basilica it is kept the Saint Home of Nazareth where, according to the tradition, the Virgin Mary received the Annunciation. Legend has it that the House of Nazareth was brought in flight by the angels in order to escape from the invasion of Palestine by followers of Mohammed.


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Recanati - Giacomo Leopardi
Giacomo Leopardi’s home town: during the town’s visit it is possible to admire Leopardi’s House, which was the poet’s residence, where is kept the precious library that was looked after by the poet’s father Monaldo, and his mother’s birth place, the elegant Palazzo Antici Mattei. The whole town of Recanati recalls Leopardi and his works. In front of Palazzo Leopardi we can admire the “Sabato del Villaggio”’s Square, and see Silvia’s house. There is also the “Passero Solitario”’s bell tower and the “Infinito” hill. Additionally, the Beniamino Gigli Museum keeps personal belongings, pictures and memories of the talented tenor.


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Castelfidardo is well known all over the world for musical instrument’s factories, and famous for the production of accordions. In fact in town there is the International Accordion Museum (Museo Internazionale della Fisarmonica), where are kept documents and artifacts related to this instrument’s history. Every year in Castelfidardo takes place the International Accordion Festival: very prestigious guests include the accordion in all other artistic expressions. The Monument is located by the town centre on Monte Cucco’s hill, and it has been created to remember the 50th anniversary of the 18 September 1860’s battle, which made possible the annexation of the Marche and Umbria regions into Italy’s Kingdom.


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Offagna is an old village of medieval origins set on the Marche’s hills, where it is still possible to feel the ancient atmosphere of the Medieval Festivals, which take place every year in the month of July. We suggest to visit the Medieval Fortress: it is an extraordinary example of military architecture, it used to be a protection and defence place, and today displays the permanent arms exhibition “ Hunters and Warriors from stone to steel” (“Cacciatori e Guerrieri dalla pietra all’acciaio”).


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It is the regional capital city and one of the Adriatic’s biggest natural harbours. The most representative monument of the city is St. Ciriaco’s Cathedral, a beautiful Basilica in Romanesque-Gothic style. We suggest the following places of touristic interest: the Church of “Santa Maria della Piazza”, a masterpiece of Romanesque art, the Traiano Arch, a Roman arch built in the I century a.C.; the “Mole Vanvitelliana”, a beautiful artificial isle with a pentagonal shape inside the Harbour, “Piazza del Plebiscito”, the War Memorial of the First Worls War, in the “Passetto” neighbourhood.


Art, culture and faith

If you are visiting Osimo and you are passionate about art and poetry, we recommend you to visit some towns, full of charme and of interesting things to see.

Enjoy it!

  • Loreto
  • Recanati
  • Castelfidardo
  • Offagna
  • Ancona

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